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Searching for residential window tinting or commercial window films in Rancho Bernardo, CA? We offer tens of different opaque as well as transparent window films for all kinds of business stores, industrial establishments as well as residential apartments. Our window tinting Rancho Bernardo professionals are highly experienced and specialized in providing window tinting solutions. Our wide range of products includes window films for privacy, heat control, reducing glare, protection against fading, and more.

Heat control

Heat control films maintain a cool temperature indoors during the summer and keep much of the heat inside in winter. When you install window films in an air-conditioned home, you will experience remarkable savings on energy. Apart from blocking the sun’s heat and glare, window films also reduce the heat which rebounds from adjacent buildings. As such, solar films reduce heat from the sun, the harmful effect of UV rays, and ensure that excess heat remains outside.

Protection against fading

A significant percentage of color fading is attributed to heat. It’s crucial that furnishings and wooden floors are protected against heat damage as well as harmful UV rays. Quality window tinting in Rancho Bernardo provided by NU-VUE Window Films effectively averts fading of properties in homes and retail stores.

At times, there is so much glare that watching TV becomes hard or seeing activity on your computer monitor difficult. When the light is extremely bright, some people experience migraines. These issues can be solved by installing anti-glare film. Contact us today to see how we can help you safeguard your hard-earned properties against damaging UV rays, excess heat as well as glare.

A guarantee of privacy

In modern times, buildings are erected much closer to each other. Additionally, buildings have more windows than they used to. Consequently, privacy has become an issue and many people are irritated by the fact that they have to stay with closed curtains day and night.

NU-VUE Window Films provides a variety of window films in Rancho Bernardo including semi-reflective films that enable you to have a clear view of the world outside without exposing you to onlookers. With our quality window films, you’re able to achieve privacy during the day and at the same time maintain sufficient natural light. Bathrooms or utility rooms require the installation of opaque films for maximum privacy at daytime and night.

NU-VUE Window Films stand for reliability

Every installation service provided by NU-VUE Window Films brings with it the manufacturer’s comprehensive guarantee against discoloration, peeling, cracking, and bubbling. We have been committed to the wider Rancho Bernardo community for almost 30 years and our name continues to be the synonym for top-notch window film installation and removal services, outstanding customer service and business integrity.

Contact us today and get more comfort, more privacy and more security with our window films.


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