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Ever had to make a decision between window tinting, finding the right type of glass for your window or replacing the window? As your Pacific Beach window tinting experts, we have the answer right here. In the 30 years we have been in business, we have worked diligently with our clients to provide them with the best solutions. As a result, we have built a relationship of trust with a vast network of customers reaching beyond the Southern California area.

NU-VUE Window Films is a full-service window tinting company that also supplies various window films. Our services include but are not limited to residentialretail store and commercial window tinting. We have partnered with the most reputable window film manufacturing companies worldwide to ensure that we offer our clients the highest quality window films.

The window films we offer range in color, design, and application, allowing us to provide the one that best fits your needs. They include decorative, graffiti, safety & security and privacy films. Throughout the years, we have provided this cost-effective and innovative solution for our clients, and they have always preferred it over purchasing glass and specialty windows.

Below are some of the reasons why our window tinting services are preferred by Pacific Beach residents.

Reduce heat by 84%

Windows are responsible for 75% of the extra heat that you feel during summer months. One permanent solution to reduce excessive heat without running your air conditioner is tinting your windows. A solar film or a decorative window film will reduce the heat levels drastically while also saving you money on energy bills.

How much money do you actually spend on energy bills? Last summer you had to run your air conditioner non-stop to keep the temperature pleasant. Our Pacific Beach window filming services will cut down your expenditure on energy bills by 50%. This is a permanent solution for all your heat-related problems at home and work.

99% Reduction of UV Rays

We are living in an environment where the greenhouse effect is real. It is only wise to act on it. When you are exposed to UV rays for long, you run the risk of getting sunburns, aging skin, dry skin, and at the very worst, skin cancer.

Ordinary glass is known to block up to 50% of UV rays. However, the other half is a real threat, and this is where window tinting experts bring a solution. Just make a phone call, and our technicians are obliged to install a window film of your choice that will block up to 99% of UV rays.

Get More Security

Natural disasters, harsh weather, accidents, and break-ins can make a homeowner or business owner question the efficiency of glass. It is needless to indicate how dangerous glass is when shattered, more so when it breaks with someone in the vicinity.

We provide security window film installation services to protect our clients against such dangers. The films are of high quality and can ensure that glass remains attached to the frame even after an accident or an attempted burglary.

Save Money

Have you noticed how your furniture, draperies, and interior in general tend to fade due to exposure due to direct sunlight? Just as the rays could harm your skin, they are taking a toll on your interior, and sooner or later, you may be confronted with the option to replace them.

After asking around, you realize that the glass is the problem, and unless you find one that blocks the rays, you will have to keep replacing your furniture and curtains. With our solar films and decorative window films, you can spend much less. Forget about replacing the interiors or buying a replacement glass.

We are your reliable window tinting company in Pacific Beach, and we are here with proven solutions. Schedule a free consultation today.


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