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Windows play an integral role in a building’s aesthetic value. It is also the means through which light enters a building. Since all buildings require glass windows, it is important that glass is well protected from external and internal damage. Replacing glass every now and then can be hectic, dangerous and costly to the owners. Window tinting reduces the need for constant replacement of broken or cracked windows.

NU-VUE Window Films offers a wide range of protective and decorative window tinting services in Mira Mesa, San Diego. NU-VUE has established a longstanding code of providing quality and flexible services for both residential and commercial applications.

Protective window tinting

Glass breaks easily and can be potentially harmful to those living in and around buildings. It is every owner’s desire to protect their family against accidents. Furthermore, UV rays are known to cause dermatological disorders and should be avoided at all costs.

NU-VUE Window Films offers a range of safety tinting solutions for homes to ensure that the glass is strong and durable enough to resist breakage from impact. Our window films come in a variety of designs to blend in with the interior design of the house. The film holds shards of glass together in case of breakage, reducing the risk of accidental injury from cuts or pricks.

NU-VUE Window Films staff can also advise on the best options for safety films that provide privacy. It will ensure that the interior of your home or business remains protected from unwanted eyes.

Commercial window film in Mira Mesa

Maintaining a proper atmosphere for a business goes a long way in increasing profits in any venture. For products to remain fresh, it is always good to keep them away from direct sunlight. Decorative tinting will also make the business more appealing to customers and will cost less than painting.

NU-VUE Window Films provides tinting solutions that will protect your establishment from graffiti, impact, scratches or excess heat. We also offer a number of decorative films to suit various budgets and tastes that transform your business into a visually appealing establishment instantly. Whether the tinting is for security, privacy or aesthetics, NU-VUE Window Films is the partner to count on.

Our staff is polite and prompt in answering any queries presented to them. We also provide free quotes on services.

Window film removal

Whether you want to change the décor or remove the film completely, the removal of window films requires extra care to avoid window glass damage. NU-VUE Window Films offers prompt professional window film removal at an affordable rate.

Schedule a free consultation today and let NU-VUE Window Films do the magic! Our window tinting Mira Mesa solutions are known for their quality and reliability.


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