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Take Advantage Of Commercial Window Tinting In San Diego

Posted on October 25, 2016

Office Park BuildingWhen most people think of commercial window tinting, they think of light filtering or safety and security films. Commercial Window Tinting films are necessary to control sunlight, but that’s not all they can do.

They can actually block a great deal of UV rays to help control interior climates. This helps control the indoor climate and improve energy efficiency. They can also redirect sunlight to illuminate interior areas. And best of all, they can enhance glass with decorative elements and add privacy.

Commercial window tinting is much more economical than replacing the windows or glass. When professionally applied by NU-VUE Window Films, the results are perfect. Here are some common commercial applications for window tinting in San Diego.

Decorative Commercial Window Films

Decorative window films are applied to any glass surface including:

  • Escalator glass rails
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Glass walls
  • Decorative glass
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Dressing room mirrors
  • Skylight glass
  • Fixed glass
  • Glass doors
  • Door windows

There are many beautiful commercial decorative window films available today. In general, they come in etched, cut, sandblasted, or textured glass. However, there are other options such as architectural-textured glass film and other decorative glass films.

There are areas which need to be hidden from public view in most commercial settings. Decorative window films can create privacy. Most options add privacy without completely blocking out the view. However, there are full privacy window tinting options.

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Graffiti is costly to remove. With anti-graffiti window films, a business can save hundreds of dollars replacing large glass areas that have been etched or damaged by vandalism. It offers very good protection from scratches, etching, tagging, and graffiti paint.

Daylight Redirecting Window Film

If you want to utilize the sunlight coming in through your windows more effectively, light redirecting window films do this. They use the latest in technologies to redirect sunlight streaming in through exterior glass walls or windows.

Let your Southern California Window Tinting add this window film and change the direction in which sunlight travels into your building. The normal downward direction is changed to an upward direction. Redirecting window films allow the sunlight to hit interior areas rather than areas directly near the window.

Hitting more surfaces with this method means that light is bouncing around in many areas instead of just on the floor. Light redirecting technology illuminates areas that would otherwise need electrical lighting. This helps cut down on lighting costs and cooling or heating costs.

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