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Why Office Window Tinting is a Great Idea

Posted on November 10, 2016

We have already discussed the benefits of residential window tinting, but let’s now consider what window tinting can do for your office space. Admittedly, the general advantages of window films are the same regardless of whether we talk about home or office window tinting. These advantages include protection against UV rays, reduced heat and glare and increased privacy without diminishing the amount of natural light.

Still, when it comes to your office, you may have completely different reasons for wanting to have office window films installed. Let’s consider some of these.

Get an Office with a View and No Glare

Why have small office windows, when you can enjoy the luxury of picture windows, especially if the view from your office is spectacular? Exactly! With anti-glare window films, you can sit back and enjoy the view and also – impress anyone who steps into your office. The best part? Window films reduce the glare almost entirely, protect you from UV-rays and help reduce the temperature in your office.

Display Your Brand Logo and Imagery

The basic rule of office décor is to display your logo so it’s clearly visible to visitors. Apart from stationery and artwork, this is where you can use decorative window films to the full – you can display your logo on windows or glass doors without fear it will affect the light or create a shade.


Window Films Allow for Privacy in Open-Space Offices

Your employees will benefit from having at least some privacy in their workstation, even if they work in an open space office. On the other hand, traditional cubicles may feel claustrophobic. Why don’t you replace the cubicles with glass panels, tinted with a band of privacy window film? It will not isolate the employees but give them the right amount of privacy instead.

Have Your Peace and Quiet without Closing the Door

If you are one of those bosses who embraced the ‘’open door’’ management style, you’ve probably realized by now it’s not as effective as you would like it to be. Especially considering the fact that your door is actually open at all times and you simply can’t escape the noise. So what’s the solution? Window tinting, of course!

If you have a glass-wall office and you want to make yourself available to your employees without literally keeping the door open all the time, privacy or decorative films are a great thing for you. You will get the peace and quiet you need but you won’t isolate yourself from your employees.

Account for the Wow Factor

If you host clients in your office, your singular goal is for them to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. However, sweeping them off their feet wouldn’t hurt either. Emphasize the beauty of your office space and give it a unique twist with custom decorative window films.


Boost Productivity

It’s common knowledge that people work best if they are relaxed. It’s the people who create the mood, and they get influenced by all sorts of things, from colors and the amount of light to the absence of plants and artwork.

If you know that blank walls and windows are uninspiring to your employees, combine artwork you will put up on walls with decorative window tinting. You don’t want to overdo it, but maximize the potential of a well-designed office space.

Protect Your Employees

It’s not all about the décor, though. Without window tinting, you risk excessive amounts of heat, glare, and UV-rays penetrating your office. This can cause a lot of long-term damage to your employees. Unprotected overexposure to UV rays may ultimately cause skin cancer, while glare, although less dangerous, is wildly distracting and can cause eye strain.

Use the Money Saved on AC for Team Building Activities

Perhaps you want to treat your employees to a nice spa weekend or an exciting surfing weekend, but you keep putting it off because the money always seems to go on other things. One of them is definitely the monthly cooling and heating bill. If you have a lot of windows in your office, chances are you will have to run all the ACs in the office to excess. With anti-UV and heat-reducing window films, not only can you save up, but also make your office a far more pleasant environment.

Quality Office Window Tinting Murrieta

NU-VUE Window Films understands that you need a comprehensive solution for your diverse office requirements. If you are thinking about installing window films, you are probably considering all the benefits to determine if the investment will pay off. Given our expertise and experience, we are confident that our window films can serve a variety of purposes, from protecting your office space and employees to adding more style and sophistication. For detailed information about the Murrieta window films we offer, contact us online or call 619-994-2882.



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