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How to Avoid 3 Common Window Film Installation Mistakes

Posted on April 6, 2017

Murrieta homeowners, business and retail store owners are already familiar with the benefits of window tinting. With window films constantly improving, it’s not difficult to see why window tinting has been accepted as a great way to get less glare and heat, more safety and security and enhanced curb appeal for your property.

Still, many people are still not well-informed about how window tinting works, which gives way to many wrong assumptions and false claims. As a result, the importance of certain aspects such as installation gets neglected. Proper installation is by far the most significant aspect of window tinting. Without it, window films cannot bring the benefits they are supposed to.

Check out these common window film installation mistakes and how to avoid them.



Not cleaning the windows beforehand

Prior to the installation, you have to ensure your windows don’t have even the slightest stain on them. They have to be cleaned thoroughly before any installation work begins. Once the film is applied, the stains underneath cannot be cleaned unless you remove the film. To make matters worse, window film removal is also something you shouldn’t do on your own.

If your windows are not clean and you get window film installed, it’s unlikely the film will adhere to the glass as well as it should. In turn, it won’t be effective.

Cleaning the windows with alcohol

Every reliable window film installer knows that you should never use rubbing alcohol to clean the windows before applying the film. Although this chemical seems like the most efficient way to clean the windows, it leaves a residue on the glass surface. As a result, the film cannot adhere to the glass properly. The worst case scenario would be to have the film installed anyway without any visible problems at first, only to see the film peel off within days.

Not removing water and air bubbles

Window films are typically installed onto wet windows. When the installer applies the film and adjusts its position, they must use a squeegee to remove any water or air bubbles that might have gotten trapped under the film. A skilled installer could do this easily without any damage to the film or glass. This routine procedure does take practice and experience so a layman is hardly qualified to do it.

Without excess water and air bubbles gone from under the window film, you’ll end up with blister-like bubbles on the windows. Not only is this unsightly but also renders the window film practically useless. Once again, the only solution would be to remove the film completely.

Reliable Window Film Installation in Murrieta

NU-VUE Window Films has a team of window tinting experts who don’t leave anything to chance. Our goal is to make sure you get not only the best possible service but also the most durable products. Superior workmanship, dedication to the job and high-quality window films from Llumar and Eastman are our trademarks in Murrieta and the rest of the Riverside County.

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