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Why You Should Always Hire a Professional to Remove Window Film

Posted on September 6, 2016

Woman WindowWhether you’re replacing the window film or simply getting rid of it, removing it from your windows can be difficult. A quick search on Google is likely to bring up some results for removing window film on your own, but it’s actually a job that we recommend you always leave to a professional. The film adhesive is extremely difficult to work with, and removing the film and the adhesive will also require specialized tools and techniques.

At NU-VUE Window Films, our professional San Diego window film experts can help you remove window films from any windows at your home or business. We’ll make sure that the removal is quick and clean, and we’ll leave your windows looking great. There’s no competing with professional results, but if you’re still thinking of making this a DIY project, read below to see some reasons we recommend leaving it to a professional:

DIY Removals Can End Up Costing You More

When you’re removing film from your windows, it’s easy to damage the windows themselves. The adhesive requires special tools and substances to remove, and it’s connected not only to the film, but to the glass itself. If you’re not trained properly, you can easily scratch or cracks your windows, which you’ll then need to have repaired.

It’s also likely that you won’t be totally pleased with your DIY film removal, so after you’ve purchased equipment and chemical solutions, you’ll still end up hiring a professional.

Removing Window Film Is Even More Difficult Than Installing It

You already hired a professional to have your window film installed, so you figure you’ll cut costs and take care of this project on your own. While that might seem like a good idea, you should probably consider the fact that removing window film is just as (if not more) difficult. You hired a professional for the installation because you were looking for quality results—if you’d like the same results for the removal, you’ll need to rely on the work of a qualified and experienced professional.

Many Store-Bought Film Removal Solutions Are Unreliable

While you will be able to find chemical solutions in stores to help remove window films, these products are often unreliable at best. You’re likely to end up spending a great deal of money on faulty solutions and new tools, only to be dissatisfied with the results.

When you rely on our San Diego window film experts, we’ll be able to guarantee high quality results and your complete satisfaction.

If you’re looking for window film removal services, call NU-VUE Window Films at 1-888-688-8393, or fill out our online request form.

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